Start of Something New

I absolutely do not know how to start at this. At this post, I mean.

Upon digging through the archives of bloggers whom I know, I still haven’t come up with a concrete idea on beginning this post properly. This blog is temporarily an experiment. I’m just trying new things and creating a blog is one of the activities on the list.


Since my senior year of high school (which was two years back), my friends (Hi Mikha and Angle!) have been nudging me to make a blog. They told me I could be the next famous male blogger in the country, and that I might be like Erwan Heussaff, the well-known food blogger. Yep, it’s one hell of a goal, right?

Well, during that time, I was really planning on creating a blog. However, I didn’t know what to write about and I was barren of ideas on how to even run a blog.  So basically, I only had the urge to blog, but not the will to write.

But all of that was in the past. Back then, I was just flesh, fat, and bones. Today, I’m flesh, fat, and bones…with a mind comparable to a glass overflowing with ideas, thoughts, opinions, and experiences to share.


During the early years of high school, I already had a blog in Tumblr. However, the Tumblr blog I had was different from this one because it was mainly full of fandom content. Also, probably 95% of the things on that fandom blog was reblogged and not owned by me.

So, to finally produce original content, I decided to move to WordPress. I also think that WP is a better venue to write and tell stories.


Rxftr is the name of this blog (obviously duh). The title is a result of playing with my name (Rafter), and it is also inspired by Troye Sivan’s Debut EP, TRXYE.

So this blog will be containing various stuff. Here are the main categories of my blog’s content:

  1. Personal
  2. Opinion
  3. Reviews
  4. Travel
  5. Food
  6. Writing
  7. Fandom

First, the Personal Section would contain life experiences and memorable events. Hopefully, I would regularly post about how I am doing each week. You would know about me and I would basically be an open book, out here in the In-tuhr-net. Be aware, though. This section would also have short updates that will just contain the childlike excitement that I have.

The Opinion Section will have my stands on different topics and issues. These topics may include politics, social concerns, hottest trends, latest news stories, and random things you guys can relate to.

Reviews would, of course, comprise of my reviews to books, TV shows, movies, music, and other thingamajiggs. Y’all can recommend and send me stuff to review to, by the way!

Fourth, the Travel Section will feature my wanderlust. I will show you guys the experiences I had during the trips. I will also input my reviews for the places and I will try to include details on the cost and method of getting to the places so you could experience them, too.

The Food Section would mostly comprise of reviews for places to eat in and it will show different features on things that involve eating.

Writing will have my feeble attempts to create art with letters. I would like to think of my writing as poems, but they turn out to be mostly ‘hugots’ during late nights and free hours.

Finally, the Fandom Section would include my thoughts, reactions and expectations with different upcoming movies, TV series, books, and other fandom stuff.

Mind you, this site is constantly under construction and I am still trying to improve the visuals. However, if you were kind and patient enough to reach the end of this post: THANK YOU AND WELCOME!

Header picture was taken with iPad


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