Where I Was

Let me tell you about the past few months…which were probably the longest ones I’ve had so far.

(Disclaimer: This is kind of a long post.)

Hello there! I went on an unexpected hiatus, even though initially, I said I would try to stay active (Sorry!). But mind you, I was really busy. I didn’t become too lazy to try updating this blog (Okay. Maybe I was lazy sometimes).

The past few months, which was basically my first semester for this year, was jam-packed with a lot of events and duties for me. These happenings were on close dates and I only had time for rest in between those days.

So this post would contain the highlights of those months.

Year Two

Well, obviously. I’m now in my sophomore year (halfway through it, actually). This new academic year gave me a deeper perspective of things. I got a better understanding of my degree program, Development Communication.

Honestly, I once planned on transferring campuses for a shift in the degree program to take. But somehow, I did not get the chance to do so; and I think, that misfortune to push through with my plan was for the betterment of things. I have now grown to love and embrace DevCom not just as a field of study, but also as a part of myself.

A Larger Family

I couldn’t be any more happier for extending my family in UPLB. One of my achievements this last semester was becoming a member of UPLB DevComSoc, an academic organization that is based in our college.

As an only child, I’ve always looked for the warmth of having siblings and although it sounds very cheesy, I’d like to admit that I really felt welcomed and accepted by my orgmates. They didn’t just treat me like I am another member of the organization, but more like a brother.

Bonding sessions make us forget, even for a while, the weight of acads that causes us (mostly me) to weep sometimes.

Moreover, I gained twelve sisters before I was even accepted in the organization. These beautiful ladies and I make up the batch PULSO 2015. Honestly, I observed diversity in our batch. We came from different provinces and cities. We have unique talents and fields we excelled in. We had different opinions about issues and stuff, and we also belonged in different social circles.

But those things did not hinder us from being friends. Like we were taught, we filled in each other’s gaps. We accepted each other for our good and bad sides. We helped each other get through tough times and we were there for each other when we’re on our highs and lows (We still are.).

#BatchLove! 10/13 of Pulso in this clingy selfie after an event.

DJ Raffy

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
It was also the first time I got to use the radio console (and I sucked at it, tbh).

This academic year, sophomores like me were given the DEVC Series, a number of introductory courses about the four major fields of DevCom; and one of these courses is DEVC 30, also known as Fundamentals of Community Broadcasting.

The course didn’t just give me knowledge and things to remember, but it also gave me the chance to really feel like I am a radio broadcaster, or more specifically, a DJ.

When I was in high school, I dreamed to be a radio DJ someday. I kind of still dream to be one. This is why I was so hyped to do the broadcast cycles, wherein we host a musical radio program similar to those you hear in FM radio.

During the activity, my partner was my friend and batch mate Chelsea. We hosted a show entitled Listen UP! and we had two broadcast cycles wherein we held interviews and we also reported news.

radio partner
All smiles after our rusty but fun first broadcast cycle.

Cold Conference Halls

Another highlight of this semester was when we went on a field trip. I was really looking forward to that because I’ve never been on a field trip after my sophomore year of high school. Also, the destination was to be excited for. We attended the MTRCB Family and Child Summit in Quezon City.

The summit focused on the youth and there were many speakers and guests who talked about how young people, with the help and guidance of their family, will make up for the better viewing of media content on film and television.

Aside from the knowledge imparted by the speakers, we got to experience entertainment from renowned performers like The Voice Kids Philippines Season 2 finalists, Climax Band, and the really amazing and talented cast members of the musical Rak of Aegis. I was so enthralled by the Rak of Aegis cast because they were really great at hitting those high notes and their show was one of the musicals that I really wanted to see.

The show was hosted by Robi Domingo (!!!) and Bianca Umali. One of my favorite news personalities, Pia Arcangel, was also there.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Obligatory picture during the event. (Yay, I got to wear my denim jacket!)

Room for Improvement

This semester gave me my fair share of achievements. However, I admit I had lots of failures as well. I wouldn’t go further into detail but I would want to say that these failures had me feel very down. There were times when I just shut down and I really stress out.

However, I keep my head up and I’ll just take these failures as my motivations to do better next time.

Sleepless Nights No More

Anyway…it’s the end of another semester! For so long, I’ve been waiting for this break to happen. The stress of acads got me really worn out and I just so need this rest.

My long and tiring nights are gone! The only reasons why I’ll be sleepless is because I’ve been up late binge watching TV shows or reading novels. Hopefully, another reason of me staying up is because I’m updating this blog. Haha!

All photos taken with iPhone 5s


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