Pinto Art Museum: Of White Walls & Oeuvres

A place to feed your art-loving heart, in the countryside.

The Philippines has always been very popular for having a colorful history and for being sort of a Mecca of great and exotic food. But what a lot of people may not know that the country  is also a good place to feed our hearts for the arts.

I admit, am an art fanatic and I love visiting museums, whether an art gallery or an exhibit of history. I actually have several museums abroad included in my bucket list.

But of course, I’m not going to forget about our own in the Philippines!

The sad thing is that I live and study in a province. That’s why when I wanna go to museums on random days, it’s quite difficult for me.

Luckily, in our last semester before the break, I was in an art class that has a field trip to museums in Manila and nearby areas; and in the trip, we visited several museums and galleries. One of those museums is Pinto Art Museum of Antipolo City in Rizal.

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This was our first stop in the whole trip.It took us roughly two hours of travel from Los Baños to Antipolo. I kinda slept during the whole time on the bus (because of the early morning calltime!).

Honestly, I have seen Pinto Art Museum listed in popular websites as one of the museums to visit near Metro Manila. But I didn’t fully understand the hype about it until I’ve personally seen the place.

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The whole museum is an artwork itself. Even before entering the place, we were already dazed by the architecture of the buildings that make up the whole museum. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the structure design was that it somehow resembled the buildings in Santorini Greece. But even though there was a similarity, the architectural design of Pinto Art Museum still had a uniqueness of its own.

Generally, roaming around the museum and visiting the galleries became a greater experience because of the cool and relaxing ambience of the place. This was probably influenced by the high ceilings and many windows which allowed the cool breeze in.

What also made the museum seem like an artwork is its interior design. The use of the color white really made us focus on the different oeuvres which stood out because of their own hues.

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Pinto Art Museum seems to embody the minimalist aesthetic, and this is done in a very good way.

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The pieces were a mix of different forms and genres of art. One of the galleries contained oil paintings that tackled political and social issues of the Filipino people.

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Another gallery showcased seemingly native and rustic sculptures and pieces which were given a modern touch.

Some artworks delivered a more contemporary feel than the others. Another section even featured several pop art pieces, like the tall can inspired by the Batman comic book series (image below).

Two more things I loved about the museum was how I saw nature was still present in the place. There might be some art spaces that disregard the natural environment around it, but Pinto Art Museum is not one of them.

The buildings seem like they’re being hugged by vines and the flora surrounding them. When one looks out the big windows, trees and tall shrubs can also be seen.

But aside from the museum, there is also another attraction to be visited in the place. It is Pintô Art Café, which we unfortunately did not get to eat in because of the other places to go to for the whole field trip.

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According to some research that I did, a lot of the reviews say that the food here is great and the place is very Instagram-worthy, obviously.

I had very high expectations for my very long-awaited visit to the museum…and the art space did not disappoint. My favorite pieces would probably the ones which belonged to the Pop Art genre (I may be biased, being a pop culture geek and all. LOL.).

If only I had the money to travel to the museum during this midyear break, I would definitely go back to the contemporary art haven that is Pinto Art Museum. Because I am the type who appreciates art by examining and observing it thouroughly, I’ll stay longer just to appreaciate each artwork more (I didn’t have much time then!), and who knows? Maybe I’ll eat the café as well!

The rates of admission in Pinto Art Museum is PhP 180 (Regular), PhP 150 (Senior Citizens), PhP 100 (Students with ID), and FREE for children of 3 years and below. The museum entertains photoshoot opportunities, too! See more on their Facebook page.

Note :Thanks to my good friend, Pau, for lending me some of his photos from the trip (I lost some of mine from cleaning my camera roll)!

Pictures taken by me and Pau Zipagan | Shot with iPhone 5s


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