Sweet Jams Vol.1 | New Summer Sounds

I compiled the new songs I am loving this summer break for you. You’re welcome in advance.

This post is the first volume of the series called “Sweet Jams” (Pun intended). The series will be featuring my playlists of songs that I am loving right now. Each volume would have a theme that I picked or a certain emotion I want to linger on.

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It’s the first few days of July and by next month, I’m back at school again. UGH. I seriously want an extension of this vacation! The few weeks of break seem like they’re not enough for all the things on my bucket list for this summer.

Well, I think it’s not actually still summer here in the Philippines. We’re already in the rainy months. But I guess I’m used to associating a long vacation with summer. So I call this time “summer break”, although it’s really not. Haha.

Anyway, I stumbled upon some new (and not) music during this vacay and I decided to share them with you here on my blog and on Spotify. You’re welcome in advance.

(Note: What I mean by “new” is that I just got into this song by the start of summer or just recently. Maybe they aren’t that new to you. But I hope you’ll still like them.)

1. Lonely Cities – Tigertown

According to Australian synthpop group Tigertown, the song is based on a friend’s story on how a city seems so lonely without the person you love. I just like how the sad message of the song is to be discovered behind its cool beat and how the group happily sings the lyrics.

2. WILD – Troye Sivan ft. Alessia Cara

Honestly, Troye and Alessia are some of my favorite artists. I was just so excited when I heard about their collaboration. Sivan put a spin on his track not just by dueting with Alessia, but also allowing her to sing her own lyrics to the song.

3. Alaska – Maggie Rogers

If you think you’ve heard this one before, maybe its on the video when Pharrell was awestruck listening to it. Alaska is a mesmerizing mix of modern beats, calm rhythm, and Rogers hitting all the right notes to lyrics of self-discovery and moving on.

4. Clear – Pusher ft. Mothica

The lyrics seem to be about being restricted to speak up and to be yourself, but not giving in. Clear attracted me with PUSHER’s unique use of chimes and bass music, accompanied with Mothica’s great vocals.

5. sex– EDEN

Sex is unexpectedly having feelings with the person who you shouldn’t have strings attached with. I think this is one of the few favorites I have in this playlist. According to an article, sex is their song with the thinnest layer of electronic music and most focus on the vocals.

6. Good Grief – Bastille

I think it was a bit long time until Bastille had new music. This latest single released by the band is probably kind of upbeat and lighter than the tracks in their last album. Obviously, the lyrics tell us that this song is about longing for someone after a breakup (probably).

7. Side to Side – Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj

Ari and Nicki together again? Yes, please! How Grande’s amazing and sexy vocals + Nicki’s on-point rapping = another hit pop song. I love how I can sing, dance, and workout along with this track (Spotify keeps on playing it on my recommended running playlist.)!

8. Swim  – Fickle Friends

Okay, this could absolutely pass as a summer anthem. With lyrics like “Where is the appeal when you don’t try?” and “You are not alone.” just reminds me of how I want my summer to be a time of trying new things and how I want to do that with my friends.

9.  Strong – Dropout ft. Wesley Finn Tucker

I don’t really know whether this song is about leaving someone after a breakup or having to leave the one you love and telling them to wait for the day you come back. But either way, I love how this song is just very chill, although delivering a lonely message.

10. Monsoon – Amber Mark ft. Mia Mark

I have the habit of researching a song to understand it better. I did it with this one…and I almost shed a tear. Monsoon is a folksy track that Mark dedicated for her mother who passed away. If you listen well, you’ll hear her mom’s voice in the song.

11. Xo – Nightly

Having to let go of a relationship that’s generally bad and only so good at the moment ― this is what Nightly’s debut single is about, according to Earmilk. The lyrics echo how the singer is badly affected with the relationship and love felt for the person he loves.

12. Drive – Oh Wonder

Oh Wonder tells how the person you love somehow takes you for granted, and how he/she hurts you and makes you suffer from the wrong things he/she has done to you. This track highlights the vocal element while having a subtle and slow music in the background.

13. This Is What You Came For – Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna

This one’s a bit old to be new, right? But I kinda hid under a rock for a while and just discovered this track during the first weeks of my midyear break. Having Rihanna to sing the lyrics is a very wise choice because she really made this song “not just another EDM track”.

14. One Dance – Drake

Another song that isn’t really that new. One Dance is probably the standout track from Drake’s album, Views (aside from Hotline Bling). Showing Drake’s versatility as a hip-hop artist, this song is currently at first place in the Song of the Summer charts by Billboard.

15. Rock Bottom – Hailee Steinfeld ft. DNCE

Rock Bottom is, I think, about how we’d still love our family, friends, or better half after the big and small fights. I can’t actually relate to this (ew single person things), but I love how I can also workout to this pop song. Not bad for her first album, huh?

16. Where It All Goes – Lostboycrow

Lostboycrow’s synth pop single makes us reminisce of those days when we were kids and things weren’t so complicated and stressing. This is probably the perfect track to sing-along to during a drive or when you just feel like being sentimental.

17. Couldn’t Believe – The Broods

A bubble of mellow vocals and heavy bass music, this track from the Broods got me hooked by making me dance every time I play it. Couldn’t Believe is a song of reflection on how lucky you are to finally have the person you love.

18. Sunshine – POWERS

This is probably one of the most refreshing songs to be included in this list. An article in Consequence of Sound actually revealed that POWERS released Sunshine as their introduction to their upcoming music this year.

19. Love Yourself (Justin Bieber Cover) – The Maine

Everybody knows and loves this Justin Bieber song. But American band The Maine reimagines the hit track by putting a hint of rock to it. What to love with this cover is how the band made their cover really “their own” while still maintaining the song’s personality.

Generally, I think most of the songs that I love this summer is of synth pop genre and by emerging acts. This is probably because most summer singles are meant to be upbeat and happy.

Below is the Spotify playlist I made for you. I hope you enjoy it! Share it if you do!

I do not own any of the videos. Most of them are grabbed from artists’ channels. No copyright infringement intended. Photos and edit are mine.


26 thoughts on “Sweet Jams Vol.1 | New Summer Sounds

  1. Oh wonder, yes! Im a fan of them. Thanks for sharing your playlist, I’m was looking for new sounds and style of music to listen to lately. And I found your blog. The universe conspired and led me here. Haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely playlist!!! Love all the songs here. Hehe so happy you included Drive by Oh Wonder. I don’t know I find it so fitting for rainy days like the one right now. My other faves are Side to Side and Wilddddd ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So, I don’t know any of these songs, at all haha. I’ve been only listening to Christian songs since 2010, I find it really soothing to listen to songs that is about Jesus.


  4. Okaaay. *unlocks phone > slide slide > there’s Spotify > search for your playlist* I also abused the replay button for This is what you came for of Rihanna and Rock Bottom of Hailee. We’ll try to use this as my “pampatulog” playlist later. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This playlist should be on Spotify! 🙂 Great mix! I’m not up-to-date with the new songs now so this list is pretty handy 🙂


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