Sweet Jams Vol. 2 | Hiatus Obsessions

Here’s some tunes to get addicted to, like I did in my hiatus months.

This post is the second installation for my Sweet Jams series. This post is also the first episode for my Hiatus Obsessions series. This Hiatus Obsessions episode is all about the new music I got into.


Hey everyone!!! I know, I  know. It’s been months since I last posted. Well, schoolwork and other commitments got the best of me. But honestly, I’ve been wanting to share with y’all some things I got obsessed with during those months of inactivity.

One of the things I do to waste my free time is to look for new tunes to listen to. Luckily, my once hopeless search for cool songs came to a great ending. Here are the latest in my music library.

  1. Emotion Side B – Carly Rae Jepsen
source: pitchfork.com

MY KWEEN IS BACK!!! Earlier this year, Carly Rae Jepsen announced on her social media accounts that she’s gonna release a new album which will serve as a gift to us fans, in light of her previous album, EMOTION. I was so freaking stoked after hearing about it!!!

Honestly, I expected her new album to be as awesome sauce as Emotion, which had me dancing and singing-along to every single track…and Carly did not disappoint! Emotion Side B also payed homage to 80’s disco and funk while still keeping that modern vibe and making her songs new to the ears.


Each song offered different emotions (pun intended). Some songs told about the youthful ways of being infatuated, being sadly hung up and in a toxic relationship with somebody, the oh-so-unfortunate one-sided love, and having somebody’s presence stay with you after your breakup. All the variety of tales are interpreted by Carly in upbeat synth-pop. I highly recommend this album if you wanna dance your sadness away!

Favorites: Store, Roses, Cry

Emotion Side B is available on iTunes and Spotify.



Once upon a time, I was scrolling on my tweet feed and one of my friends (Hi Den!) tweeted about this song called “Made in Hollywood” by an unfamiliar artist. As the curious cat that I am, I went on and listened to the track…and I asked myself, “Why haven’t I heard of them before?”

The band’s style seems to embody a laid back synth pop vibe. With really chill vocals that resemble a bit of R&B and beats that make you close your eyes and “feel the music,” I really recommend you to listen to LANY.


Generally, their tracks talks about different stories of romance – some being too young and in love, having past relationships haunt your present, being in love with someone’s every inch and every flaw, and sadness over your lover moving thousands of miles away. All these tales lie on a bed of synth resembling the 80s.

My love for this band (and its vocalist Paul Jason Klein) grows each time I listen to their songs, which is everyday! And I heard the trio is performing on next year’s music festival in the Philippines!!! But I didn’t save up for it so I’ll probably just wait for them to come back. 😦

Favorite tracks: ILYSB, current location, Someone Else, and BRB/Kiss.

3. Matt DiMonamatt1

Another new artist that I now love is Matt DiMona. The first track that I heard of his is ‘The Universe We Dreamt’ and I feel in love ten seconds into the song! Matt’s music is also synth pop, just like the other two mentioned above. But what distinguishes his style is the chill cali vibe that he puts into his songs. Somehow, I find his songs best played during a drive and sing-along with friends.


His latest EP, Up All Night, is probably the work he is most known for. According to an article, the five songs in the EP are generally telling stories about his last months in university and how he made the most of every second of those times with his friends.

But prior to this, he actually released a single (I Just Want You) and he did some remixes on hit songs like ‘She Will Be Loved’ by Maroon 5 and even LANY’s ‘Bad, Bad, Bad.’ With his awesome breakout in the industry, I really look forward to more cool songs from this guy in the future.

Favorites: The Universe We Dreamt, Malibuu

4. Joanne – Lady Gaga

Source: Twitter.com

One more QUEEN is back! Last month, Lady Gaga released her new album. The title of this new treasure is Joanne, after Gaga’s middle name and her Aunt’s name. Don’t hate me but initially, I was particularly clueless of the new music. A lot of my friends kept on suggesting that I listen to ‘Perfect Illusion,’ the first single released from the album.


Joanne seems to give us fans another side of Gaga. The aesthetic that she put in Joanne seems very minimal compared to her avant-garde looks in the past years. For this album, Lady Gaga used a pink cowboy hat as her signature look.

With a new look, comes a different side of Gaga’s music. Joanne is a mix of pop and country in her songs for the album. The tracks were also arrangements of mellow and upbeat emotions and it is guaranteed that you’ll sing your heart out to every single song.

Personal faves: John Wayne, Perfect Illusion, Million Reasons

5. Channel Orange – Frank Ocean

Source: cd-bewertungen.de

I didn’t know if I’d like Frank Ocean’s kind of music. I only used to know his song, ‘Thinking ‘Bout You,’ and that was back in high school. Somehow, when I heard of the news that Ocean is gonna release a new album, I got curious of the hype about Ocean and his music.


As someone who has never heard of “contemporary R&B” before, I got the idea that Ocean’s music would give my ears something new. Before his latest album got released, I tried listening to ‘channel ORANGE.’

The album was really different from almost all of the other things I love listening to. It has this sick and REALLY SMOOTH beat that amazed me so much! Besides that, for me, the songs each tell a different story. Some are about love but some are just regular things we encounter everyday, which are ignored.

Favorites: Super Rich Kids, Pilot Jones, Sweet Life, Sierra Leone

So that’s about it for my musical obsessions during the hiatus period. I hope you liked it! Anyway, if you want to listen to my personal favorites for each item above, you could try my playlist below. Stay tuned for the next episode of my Hiatus Obsessions!


I do not own the images in collages. They’re from artists’ social media accounts and other websites. No copyright infringement intended. Editing and playlist cover art are the only ones mine. 


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