2016: Loops and Lows

A little bit late review of last year, which was much of a buzzkill…but I still got back up! *sobs intensely*

My first post for 2017 (and for so freaking long?) is actually about 2016. It’s about last year and how it went for me, and yes, it was hell.

I wasn’t actually going to post a “year-in-review” but I found myself tweeting the highlights of 2016, so I figured that I could compile them in this update.

So basically, 2016 was bad. SO BAD. I guess a lot of people would agree with me. Let me tell you the story, accompanied by some pictures I took from last year that I wanted to share but never got to.

At the very start of last year, my mantra was to be better at my academic work and balance it with the weight of having huge organizational duties. I gladly achieved this and I hoped to strive for better.

However, it was during the the second half of last year that I really struggled with life. I experienced difficulties in maintaining my usual positivity. I got unusually lazy in doing my academic and org work, and even traveling and creating art (the two things I love most). I also used to love watching a lot of movies and shows but I got tired of doing even that. My anxiety and depression got the best of me.

Events happening in and out of the country, like PH politics and celebrities’ deaths (Bowie and Rickman!!!)  are also adding to how bad 2016 was.

But it’s really great to say that there was still a bright side to the horrible year that I had.

  • Finishing another successful Star In Carillon season as the Publicity Committee Head
    • For one and a half semesters, I held the PubCom of our organization’s big event. I thought I would have a mental breakdown during the event proper because of the pressure and being overwhelmed. But I didn’t! My co-head helped me get through the last month of work and the event was a success!!!
  • Seeing more artworks in our museum field trip for arts class
    • My love for art grew a hundred times after visiting several museums in the metro during our field trip last April. I’m actually planning to post more about it soon! But you can check out a part of it here.
  • Getting my first  (and probably last lol) uno (the highest grade you can get in our uni) for that art class!!!
    • This saved my grade for this semester!!! Who knew I could even get an uno in my whole college/uni life? Should I pursue art studies in the future? (Because I really want to!)
  • 2016: “Year of Group Works”
    • Last year, my DevCom friends and I got flooded with subjects requiring group works with major academic requirements! ~STRESS IS REAL~ for us DevCom people and all-nighters happened almost all the time. But at least the projects we had benefited not only our grades, but also other people. I’m scared to say it but I’m foreseeing more group projects in the future. *cries* 
  • Ilocos Norte x2
    • You guys may remember that I posted about going to the Northern part of my country last year. Luckily, I got to visit a province in the region again! This time, it was for academic fieldwork but we still got to visit authentic restaurants and a museum, too. I hope to tell you guys about it soon!

  • Getting my own domain and progress on the blog
    • Thanks to my cousin and my mom, I got to a domain mid-last year. Also, more opportunities came and were grabbed. Hopefully, I can deliver them on the blog in the near future.
  • Season Eighteen
    • So I’m not a minor anymore. Yep, that happened. I turned 18 last year and I celebrated my birthday with my high school best friend who I rarely see these days. We spent the whole afternoon at an amusement park and it was such a day to remember.
  • Meeting my new kapatids: BATCH SCINTILLATE!
    • I joined another wonderful organization this year, and that’s AIESEC-UPLB! But prior to that, I met 20+ amazing people, most of them strangers to me. But as we went through the process, they became like siblings to me. Through thick and thin, loves! <3<3<3
I can’t recognize all of the faces here because of the blurry quality 😦
  • Bigger LB fam
    • What made me very happy about last year was how my family in Los Baños grew bigger and bigger. Though I don’t get to bond with each and every one of them all the time, it’s really great to know more people who are for keeps.
    • Shoutout to UPLB DevComSoc (esp. Pulso batchies!) UPRT, AIESEC-UPLB, HUM 2 E-1R, DevCom ‘14 lovelies (DevCom subjects groupmates), Nucleon constants, and my parents!!! Thanks for giving me reasons why 2016 is still a year to look back on.
  • Passing dreaded courses!
    • My biggest obstacles last year were probably my difficult subjects (STAT and ECON and majors smh!). There were a lot of times when I thought of giving up because of how hard the lessons were and how bad I was doing. But I still managed to stay on my feet. I passed all the subjects I took last year! I guess sharing all those lucky things on Facebook and Twitter paid off and worked? Haha.


I was given a fair share of bad and good things last year. Unfortunately, I lingered on the negative side. I almost to acknowledge the great blessings I had last year until I had the free time to contemplate about them.

I’d like to emphasize on how much I’m thankful for the people that came into my life this 2016 and of the people who chose to stay with my annoying self. Y’all made me strong and positive, especially through the rough times. You are the best!

Hopefully, 2017 would bring me more good things and I’ll start being more thankful for them. I also wish that I love myself more. I really hope you do, too! Let’s make the most of every moment!!!

All images and editing are by me. 


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